Chair of / Cátedra de /
Lehrstuhl für


Prof. Hubert Klumpner


Chair of Architecture and
Urban Design /  
Institute of Landscape- and
Urban Studies / LUS
Member of Network City and Landscape / NSL
Co-Director of ETH Wohnforum,
Centre for Architecture
Society and Environment / ETH Wohnforum / ETH CASE
Co-Founder and Members
of Institute of Science
Technology and Policy / ISTP
Member of the ETH Sustainability
Steering Committee
Informal Urbanism Regional
Hub of UN-Habitat Universities



Hosting Urban Round Table @ETHZ

In the last days, the Klumpner Chair hosted a distinguished delegation of experts in policy, governance, climate, and sustainbility from the local, regional, national, and international contexts, both from the public and private sector. Over a two-day period, the program presented the delegation with various topics and projects revolving around the theme, 'Beyond Smart Cities: Digital Technology Solutions for Sustainable Development'.


Back Row
Eleanor Robins, International Finance Corporation IFC
Hernam Pienaar, United Nations Habitat UN-Habitat
Federico Silva, Cities Alliance
Michael Walczak, ETHZ
Barbara Buser, SECO
Greg Munro, Cities Alliance
Kremena Ionkova, World Bank
Ambassador Dominique Paravicini, SECO's head of the Economic Cooperation and Development Division
and delegate of the Federal Council for Trade Agreements
Benedikt Knüsel, ETHZ
Till Arne Bajohr, International Finance Corporation IFC
Pontus Westerberg, United Nations Habitat UN-Habitat
Seraina Capatt, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development EBRD
Susan Gorensson, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development EBRD
Marcus Mayr, African Development Bank AfDB
Stefan Pabst, City of Zurich
Monika Litscher, Swiss Cities Union
Justus Schreiner, Casperlabs
Norah Ruth Libertun deDuren, Inter-American Development Bank IDB
Selma Alihodzic, SBB
Manoj Sharma, Asian Development Bank ADB
Front Row:
Roman Windisch, SECO
Hubert Klempner, ETHZ
Dagmar Vogel, SECO
Horacio Terraza, World Bank
Joel Curado Silveirinha, Casperlabs
Pablo Vaggione, PV
Hong Soo Lee, Asian Development Bank ADB
(not pictured: Vicente Carabias, Prof., City of Winterthur)