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Prof. Hubert Klumpner


Chair of Architecture and
Urban Design /  
Institute of Landscape- and
Urban Studies / LUS
Member of Network City and Landscape / NSL
Co-Director of ETH Wohnforum,
Centre for Architecture
Society and Environment / ETH Wohnforum / ETH CASE
Co-Founder and Members
of Institute of Science
Technology and Policy / ISTP
Member of the ETH Sustainability
Steering Committee
Informal Urbanism Regional
Hub of UN-Habitat Universities



HS20 Final Reviews - Cities Within Cities

How can we re-imagine ordinary neighbourhoods through strategically engaging and intensifying their creative potential, embracing their identity through their traditions, rituals, new temporary art and cultural events? Students are introduced to design methods and tools for neighbourhood design through cultural co-production, festivals, exhibitions, celebrations, and case-studies from the Urban-Lecture Series. Strategic concepts respond to, negotiate and link productive collisions with diverse processes and factors that shape densification of city blocks and streetscapes. Considering day-light, programming and imagining growth processes, small scale neighbourhoods are transformed into legitimate districts, towns and Cities within Cities.


Ruedi Baur, Vera Baur, Antonio Celia, Diego Ceresuela, Sergio Chirivella, Anton Falkeis, Melanie Fessel, Sebastian Mejia, Manue Moreno, Sameep Padora, AlejandroRestrepo, Daniela Sanjinés, Arno Schlüter

Students: Ammann Jérome, Ammann Isabel, Angelova Nikolina, Bieri Mario, Breit Hannah, Calonder Remo,Cereghetti Laura, Chaudhry Shriya, Di Nardo Laura, Fischer Sébastien, Kofler Melanie, Leitlein Leonie, LigenPierre, Maron Simon, Mayer Theo, Muszynski Marius, Ogunsola Oluwasegun, Perschel Aurelia, Pfeiffer Laura,Ragg Carina, Rubin Joanna, Schwarz Alexandra, Stingaciu Alexandra, Strologo Louis, Weber Daniel, WittmerLorenz

Team: Prof Klumpner, Anne Graupner, Diogo Rabaça Figueiredo

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