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Kicking off the Urban Transformation Program Sarajevo (UTPS)

The implementation of the project Urban Transformation Program Sarajevo has been the topic of meetings between Prof. Dr. Rifat Škrijelj, Rector of the University of Sarajevo, Prof. Hubert Klumpner, Professor of the ETHZ, dr. Michael Walczak, Deputy Project Manager, and Prof. Dr. Adnan Pašić, main project coordinator on behalf of UNSA and professor at the UNSA Faculty of Architecture.

The meeting was also an opportunity to prepare for the signing of the Agreement on the Implementation of the Sarajevo Urban Transformation Program (UTPS) between ETH Zurich, the University of Sarajevo and the Sarajevo Canton Development Planning Institute, which is planned for the second half of October this year. The signing of the agreement was approved by the Governing Board of the University of Sarajevo. The nominal duration of the project is tied to a period of four years.

The Urban Transformation Program Sarajevo aims to modernize the system of integrated urban planning in Sarajevo Canton, through work programs and access to urban planning based on climate resilience, transparency, inclusiveness and real data, in a way that contributes to economic development and quality of life.

This exciting developent is also happening within the period of the Sarajevo Architecture days, where the ETHZ is also participating through it's ongoing Studio Mobil initiative.

For more information on the collaboration between the ETHZ and other partners involved in the Urban Transformation Program Sarajevo, follow this link:

For more information of the Sarajevo Architecture Days, follow this link: