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Member of Network City and Landscape / NSL
Co-Director of ETH Wohnforum,
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Gordana (Goga) Memišević In Memoriam

"Once in a lifetime
And you may ask yourself,
Well, how did I get here?
Same as it ever was,
Letting the days go by,
Same as it ever was,
 into the silent water
And you may ask yourself,
Am I right, or am I wrong?
Time isn't holding up."

From 'Once In a Lifetime' / Talking Heads

Goga was Sarajevo's activist planner who lived the city's brightest moments and endured the city's darkest moments on the world stage.

During the siege, she went to her office as a daily routine, as she was responsible for the city and the citizens. When we met her first as an advisor for Doctoral Studies, others talked about events and places in the city where Goga lived first-hand. She started as a young city planner in the Canton Sarajevo Planning Institute in Yugoslavia, later heading the Research and Planning Department of the Canton of Sarajevo in Bosnia & Herzegovina until her retirement. Goga also taught and researched at the University of Sarajevo, sharing her knowledge and archives generously with students and our ETHZ team.

Goga passed away yesterday. The time with her will continue to inspire us.

Hubert, Michael, Marco, Klearjos, Alejandro, Flavia
Urban Transformation Project Sarajevo Team
Chair of Architecture and Urban Design

Adnan, Jasmin, Dzenis, Ena, Tarik
University of Sarajevo Team