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Prof. Hubert Klumpner


Chair of Architecture and
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Institute of Landscape- and
Urban Studies / LUS
Member of Network City and Landscape / NSL
Co-Director of ETH Wohnforum,
Centre for Architecture
Society and Environment / ETH Wohnforum / ETH CASE
Co-Founder and Members
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Technology and Policy / ISTP
Member of the ETH Sustainability
Steering Committee
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Hub of UN-Habitat Universities



Urbanizing Through Architecture Cartagena - Peace in Process

Cartagena, Colombia
Design Studio Fall ’18

The studio proposed an inclusive urban vision for a new town development for 25.000 migrants on the edge of the city in Cartagena, Colombia. A new settlement strategy and methodology for urbanization was designed to grow a village into a city. The design focused on one central space within this development that provides identity, centrality, and safety. Each student designed a prototypical place/ building type of production, addressing mobility and hybrid programming, including work and education.

  • Students
    Diego Bazotti, Margherita Chiozzi, Miho Kogo, Chiara Personeni, Leonard Schaffner, Nicholas Schenk, Shi Yuan Fong,
    Larissa Strub, Sarah Stähle, Tobias Thurnheer, Valentin Wenger, Jakob Werum, Filippo Zocchi
  • Team
    Prof. Hubert Klumpner
    Melanie Fessel
    Scott Lloyd
  • Goals
    City-making in this sense required the definition of the various elements both public and private that make up a city.

    Colombia is an emerging, middle-income country that faces many pressures of today’s’ global urbanization process. The Caribbean port city of Cartagena is characterized by the tourism industry that is growing exponentially. Cartagena exemplifies the most extreme inequality in Colombia. New high-rise developments along the coast in Boca Grande, UNESCO-Heritage sites, a newly planned airport, gated communities, environmental issues, such as flooding and most of the population living in slums, are all ingredients of Cartagena’s contemporary condition.

    After 50 years of civil war, Colombia is re-urbanizing and discovering its cities. Ciudad Bicentenario, a new for social mobility, is an ambitious project in Cartagena that will provide 25.000 housing units on 400ha
  • Skills - Drawing & Representation
    Michael Walczak Introduction to Graphic Tools: Rhinoceros 3D, V-Ray, Grasshopper, Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign
  • Elective Course
    ‘ACTION! On the Real City: Informal Zürich - Ethnographic Filmmaking on the City's Edges’ is offered as an extension to the studio, teaching skills social research and ethnographic filmmaking
  • Student Workflow
    Groups (max. 2) / Individual
  • Languages
    German, English, Spanish
  • Location
    ONA, E25
  • ECTS Credits - Architectural Design V-IX
    ECTS Credits - 14
  • ECTS Credits - Integrated Discipline Planning
    ECTS Credits - 3
  • In Collaboration With
    Haris Piplaš | ETH Zurich, CH
    Michael Walczak | ETH Zurich, CH
    Stefanie Vera Baur | Integral Paris, FR
    Ruedi Baur | Integral Paris, FR
    Nadine Schütz | BASE Paris, FR
    Clément Willemin | BASE Paris, FR
  • Final Review Guests
    Stefanie Vera Baur | Integral Paris, FR
    Gruia Badescu | University of Konstanz
    Matthias Böttger | Professor FHNW Basel, HyperWerk Basel
    Xavier Calderon | Calderon Architects Zurich
    Diego Ceresuela | ETH Zurich, CH
    Christophe Girot | Professor ETH Zurich, Chair of Landscape Architecture, CH
    Elli Mosayabi | Professor ETH Zurich
    Alejandro Restrepo Montoya | Professor Architecture UPB
    Claudia Pasequero | Professor University of Innsbruck
    Muck Petzet | Petzet Architects Munich
    Christian Schmid | Professor ETH Zurich
    Johannes Tovatt | Tovatt Architects and Planners, Stockholm