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Prof. Hubert Klumpner


Chair of Architecture and
Urban Design /  
Institute of Landscape- and
Urban Studies / LUS
Member of Network City and Landscape / NSL
Co-Director of ETH Wohnforum,
Centre for Architecture
Society and Environment / ETH Wohnforum / ETH CASE
Co-Founder and Members
of Institute of Science
Technology and Policy / ISTP
Member of the ETH Sustainability
Steering Committee
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Hub of UN-Habitat Universities



Climate Corridors, Sarajevo

Shaping water into public places of inclusion

How can we as designers radically reimagine place-making in Sarajevo by connecting the existing natural and built environment with local resources and digital infrastructures as models for sustainable living?

Sarajevo´s culture is as diverse as its rich architecture and history of urbanisation. Located on the Balkan Route, a crossroads between north and south, east and west, the city confronts us with one of the highest pollution levels of air, soil water, of any capital city in Europe. The watershed of the Miljacka River, wells, fountains, retention infrastructures, and flood plains are our point of departure. They have the potential to unlock socio-ecological systems, multifunctional corridors, and catalytic projects, that can transform fragmented neighborhoods, offering an integrated living system of public water-places for the inhabitants.

Students will develop integrated urban strategies and design a prototypical architecture project inside the CLIMATE – CORRIDORS. At the intersection of architecture, landscape, and public art, the studio envisions trans-scalar processes, addressing the city’s social and ecological crisis, supporting the Sarajevo Cantonal Planning Office, and responding to the urgent need for concrete projects and Climate Action.

  • Students
    Aline Lang | Growing City
    Deniz Essen | Mitigating the Flood
    Bardh Jashari | Network of Inclusion
    Milaim Racipi | Olympics of Food production Tom Baur | Cut Through
    Nadine Frankhauser | Bridging Narratives Jan-Niklas Spoerri | Interrealm
    Laura Cella | Vivid Vein
    Lennard Sunderman | RE-ENERGISE !
    Pablo Soldati | Overcoming a dividing line Ella Castellani | Activating roof space
    Miro Frei | Hillfoot Seamline
    Rick Baur | Cleantech Hub
    Rami Msallam | Urban Terraces
    Anita Cantieni | A Fresh Breeze
    Philipp Eitel | Sports City
    Leonie Füssler | Interlocking Spaces
    Manon Schaffner | Conjunction
    Cara Steiner | Roots to Grow
    Luca Lepori | Centres of Transition
    Salome Roggensinger | Sprouting Centralities Pauline Gähwiler |The Importance of Maintenance Emidio Tornillo |Slow Motion on the Hill
    Fabio Almeida Ferreira | Reconnecting the City Julia Tary | Living System
    Saraja Gantner | Framing Marijin Dvor
    Peter Reutlinger | Reviving Rivers
    Mariana Sousa | The City Campus
    Marin Lercher | Reactivating the Trainstation Johannes Pfeifle | 2051
    Raphael Freudinger | Connect and Prevent Bruno Almeida | The Driving Pulse
    Ryusei Murata | Hotel: multi culture
    Marin Stojanovic | Abandoned Buildings Utopias
  • Team
    Prof. Hubert Klumpner,
    Anne Graupner,
    Diogo Figueiredo
  • In Collaboration With
    UNSA | Faculty of Architecture, University of Sarajevo
    IPDS | Institute for Planning of Development Canton Sarajevo
    Prof. Adnan Pašić, Assoc. Prof.Dr. Aida Idrizbegović Zgonić,
    Prof. Dr. Gordana Memišević, Prof. Dr. Pavle Krstić

    UTPS | Urban Transformation Project Sarajevo
    Dr. Michael Walczak, Bojana Papic, Victoria Soto Magán
  • Organization
    Architectural Design V-IX | ECTS Credits - 14
    Integrated Discipline Planning | ECTS Credits - 3
    Language: German, English, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Zoom Link
  • Final Review Guests
    Adnan Pašić | UNSA Sarajevo Gordana Mimisević | UNSA Sarajevo Hamdija Kočić | Matica of BiH Nataša Tabori | Canton Sarajevo Vedran Mimica | ITT Chicago
    Anna Schindler | City of Zurich Barbara Jäggin | SECO
    Anna Gawlikowska | Swiss AI
    Craig Hatcher | Helvetas Andreas Rubin | ETH Zurich
    Cai Cheyeni | ETH Zurich Christoph Hölscher | ETH Zurich Urech Phillip | ETH Zurich Melanie Fessel | ETH Zurich Ute Schneider | TU Wien, KCAP Nela Kadic | TU Wien
    Vera and Ruedi Baur | Integral Designers Paris
  • Miro Board Exhibition Link