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Prof. Hubert Klumpner


Chair of Architecture and
Urban Design /  
Institute of Landscape- and
Urban Studies / LUS
Member of Network City and Landscape / NSL
Co-Director of ETH Wohnforum,
Centre for Architecture
Society and Environment / ETH Wohnforum / ETH CASE
Co-Founder and Members
of Institute of Science
Technology and Policy / ISTP
Member of the ETH Sustainability
Steering Committee
Informal Urbanism Regional
Hub of UN-Habitat Universities



Hack Archton

Visualizing Digital Urban Planning

How can architects apply cutting-edge data visualization to tackle challenges in multi-scale architectural and urban projects?

Sarajevo is undergoing a transformation towards innovation and sustainability through the processes of digitalization, urbanization, and ecologization within its built environment. Together with local partners, our chair is actively developing a digital twin of the city, which will serve as the foundational framework for the city's future masterplan.

During this seminar week, students will explore the advantages of blending quantitative data analysis with qualitative architecture strategies when designing urban planning projects. Moreover, participants will acquire valuable visualization skills to represent more effectively data and architecture concepts trough captivating 2D drawings, intricate 3D models, and dynamic 4D scenes.

Participants will be encouraged to unleash their creativity by exploring novel methods of data visualization using tools like GIS, webGL apps, VR/AR, game engines, 3D software, and digital fabrication. Through practical activities, teamwork, and expert support, attendees will enhance their data-driven architectural visualization abilities. Immersive visits to key urban sites and architectural projects in Sarajevo will bridge the virtual-real gap, providing inspiration and real-world context

  • Team Chair of Architecture & Urban Design
    Prof. Hubert Klumpner
    Diogo Figueiredo
    Dr. Michael Walczak (Computational Architect)
    Dr. Marco Pagani (Digital Modeling Expert)
    Alejandro Jaramillo (Pointcloud Architect)
  • Team UNSA and IPDCS
    Prof. Dr. Denis Avdié (Climate Simulation Expert)
    Vedad Viteskic (Planing Institute Sarajevo)
  • Travel Dates
    Sunday 22 to Saturday 28 of September
  • Program Starts
    Monday 23 October at 10:00 in Sarajevo
  • Program Ends
    Friday 27 October at 17:00 in Sarajevo
  • Cost Range C
    Includes accommodation, breakfast, museum tickets, local transportation, and one joint dinner.

    The travel costs Zurich-Sarajevo-Zurich are not incuded in cost range price and must be booked and paid individual Particinants are responsible for travel documents and insurance
  • Organization
    ECTS Credits - 2
    Min 10 Students
    Max 15 Students
  • Requirements
    Motivation to learn digital visualization tools and affinity with coding (basic coding is plus)