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Prof. Hubert Klumpner


Chair of Architecture and
Urban Design /  
Institute of Landscape- and
Urban Studies / LUS
Member of Network City and Landscape / NSL
Co-Director of ETH Wohnforum,
Centre for Architecture
Society and Environment / ETH Wohnforum / ETH CASE
Co-Founder and Members
of Institute of Science
Technology and Policy / ISTP
Member of the ETH Sustainability
Steering Committee
Informal Urbanism Regional
Hub of UN-Habitat Universities



After Waste

Beyond Zurich

How do contemporary cities and communities engage collectively with the spatial practices of the waste they produce? We are challenging environmental performance, behavior, and the urgent need to re-imagine circularity. After Waste explores the potential of curbing consumption practices, exploring the power of circularity, producing an urbanization model of regenerating the earth.

Local performance depends on climates, geographies, cultures, and policies, resulting in space- and site-specific strategies. Interesting reference projects are scalable, replicable, and interconnected to other initiatives creating circular models of co-creating sustainable living. We are looking at the metabolism of Zurich from urban large-scale waste management systems, to the microscale of bacteria, breaking down organic matter in rural zones. Using and re-using materials requires new knowledge and competencies in architecture, considering the relationships between communities in the city, periphery, and countryside. An understanding of circular economies, re- and upcycling, material flows, and waste as a second resource is already today paramount to our profession.

We are visiting multifunctional spaces, interviewing a new generation of entrepreneurs, organizations, and makers engaged in innovative economies, waste economies, renewable and regenerative energy production systems, as well as re- and upcycling industries, in and around the city of Zürich.

  • Team
    Prof. Hubert Klumpner
    Anne Graupner
    Diogo Figueiredo
  • Travel Dates
    21.-25. March 2022
  • Organization
    ECTS Credits - 2
    Open to all students.
    Priority given to those in the chair's Design Studio
  • Cost Range
    Class A